Pictures in our Mind

Do you remember the last time you really enjoyed yourself? Or maybe think about the best vacation you ever had! When you think about those things, invariable pictures or maybe even movies pop into your mind, and funnily enough, your brain remembering these events uses the same circuits as when it first witnessed them. This not only means that any state you ever experienced is reproduce-able by remembering it, but also that this is an opportunity for change. Why, you ask?

Well, let’s think about the last time you let yourself be dragged down by some old memory. This picture you have now is no different than a picture on your computer: You can quite easily manipulate it. Just try it out, for laughs and kicks and see what happens. Take this picture of this old memory and change its location (the easiest way to do this for now is to just grab it with one hand and move it). How is it different now? If it is colour, make it black and white and if it is black and white make it colour. Make it blurry, make it sharp….just have some fun with it and see what happens to how you feel differently about it. After all, we are just playing with a picture, right?!

Now, after you made all these changes, let’s look at the feeling you get from this picture. If you had to choose a colour for it, what would it be. Just go with the first one that pops into your head, and then, your guessing correctly, change the colour and see or rather feel, how it is different.

While this might appear to be just some innocent fun, this is actually a very quick way of changing our perception of something and hence also the way we feel and think about it. By the simple act of taking the time to have some fun with our memory, we can pervasively change someones future…just by moving a picture around a little bit!


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