Manage yourself

Have you ever noticed that when you are nervous, whoever you are talking to gets nervous as well? Or maybe, you are really happy, and suddenly, the person you are talking to gets really happy to? Well, looking at the ancient polynesian tradition of Huna, one can find the idea that we are all connected. Indeed, looking into science, particularly quantum theory, you will find exactly the same. And looking further at string theory and M theory, it’s all about vibrations, vibrating one similar levels.

So, what does that have to do with managing yourself. Well, in business and particularly management, it is all about working in a team, delegating tasks, and your communication skills. Many times, managers do not get the outcome they want, and then complain about the employees. Yet, whenever they talk to them, they are fed up and infect the employee with that too. Great. Imagine changing your state, and seeing the transformation in your employees….

One of the most difficult things to do, and at the same time one of the most important, is that of managing your own state. You have exactly two choices: either you control your states, or your states control you. When your states controlo you, whatever you might try to hide them, others tend not only to notice but also to let it affect them. This then means that when you are angry, you will make the other person angry too. Imagine the following: in a meeting someone sayd no to an idea you have and you feel insulted. So, you sulk and decide not to speak anymore, but think no one notices. Fat chance!

Now, when you manage your states, when you know yourself enough to do that, you simply have more choices as to how to behave. Also, you know what to do when you are in a state that is not helpful or even counterproductive. It is important to deal with your emotions and not to just brush things of, but when you are in a bad state, you are not dealing with anything, you are wallowing! It is alwayr best to stop that and do something else instead!

Your own state is infectious to all the people around you, so the key is to manage your own state in order to maximize your effectiveness as a communicator. So, take care of yourself, and that will take care others too….


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