All you are is change!

On average, our body renews 98% of all cells in one year. Our brain is mostly preoccupied with things that are either new or changing, and tends to “ignore” information that is constant or the same as that of other sensory systems. So, how is it then that we find it so comfortable when things stay the same? How can it be that we like our comfort zone, when clearly, our body and brain do not?

Take the humming of your PC, the feeling of your underwear, or maybe the light coming from above. Before I mentioned them, chances are you were not aware of any of it, as you were not only preoccupied with reading this, but also, your brain has filtered out this information in order to concentrate on any new input. This means, that we are wired up for change, on a neurological level.

So, when someone comes to me with a problem, my first question usually is: “How on earth can you manage to hang on to that, knowing that your neurology is fighting against you?!” Popular self help books say that you should leave your comfort zone, and even break your routines and do something differently every day (sometimes as benign as putting on your socks in a different order), yet I believe that is must be a real effort to actually stay in your comfort zone. You create it anew every single day!

Of course, a certain order is a good thing. You should by all means have some kind of a routine, yet realize that all you are is change, and thus changing something you don’t want in your life is really easy. It is much more of an effort to hang to to some things than it is to let go, and many times it is best just to let go…after all, your brain and body do it all the time!! And the more you decide to change into who you want to be, the more your neurology will rewire itself to do just that.

Neuroplasticity (rewiring of the brain), was thought to end at the age of 20 or happen only to victims of severe accidents (if someone loses their sight in an accident, the visual cortex can be reassigned to compute auditory or kinaesthetic signals). However, by studying London’s cab driver, it was found that this rewiring takes place all the time. Furthermore, after making brainscans of Buddhist monks while meditating and comparing them to “regular” people, it was found that the monks had stronger connections for altruistic love and joy. This then means that any state is a matter of training!

All we are is change, and the more we realize that, the more we can achieve our full potential!


2 thoughts on “All you are is change!

  1. I like the thinking behind this.
    And yes people expend considerable amounts of energy holding tight. Take learning to ski for example. It’s only by giving up preconceived notions and ideas that the new model of skiing can come in and be created. When your muscles work in perfect harmony then you use the minimum amount of energy. Children have the advantage on this one!

    Great blog


  2. Phantomias says:

    Thanks for the comment. You are absolutely right, children do have an advantage…so, let’s all go back to that mind set, it seems to serve us better…

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