Making choices (or the high art of listening to your yourself)

What do you do when you arrive at a fork in your life and either choice means giving up who you used to be in the past? What if either choice means giving up your own identity? How do you deal with that, and even more than deal, how do you move one? How can we make these choices….

From the beginning of eduction all the way to its sometimes bitter end, we are educated (physically speaking) to focus up and to the left of our brain. Generally speaking, in our left hemisphere we find reasoning, logic thought, the place where we contemplate options for their pros and cons. At the same time, while contemplating, we decide to ignore any kind of sensation we have, any kind of “gut feeling”, basically anything else than logic.

According to dictionary definitions, “The task of the logician is to set down rules for distinguishing between valid and fallacious , between rational and flawed.” Alone by reading this, you know this does not apply to the big arguments we have to face. Rational thinking simply does not cut it when we think about deciding anything that really matters in our lives…simply because if it matters, we feel something about it. How can you logically dissect a feeling?

One of our tasks is to learn again, after being educated out of it, to trust ourselves. To trust our inner voice, our feelings, our own deeper self. And then, to make a cocktail of all that, rational, emotion, instinct, and to come to a conclusion. Thinking in black and white, pros and cons, works maybe in business, but not in life. Not in an area of endless grey tones.

So this is a call. This is a call for you to wake up and to start again what you stopped so many years ago, to start listening to yourself. This is a call not for reasoning, but for accepting your nature, which means being more than just rational thinking. This is a call for trusting yourself. This is a call to living all the choices, all the opportunities, to truly making not only the best of what you have, but making the best what you have.

” So work like you don’t need money,
Love like you’ve never been hurt,
And dance like no one’s looking.”
(as the great philosopher said)



One thought on “Making choices (or the high art of listening to your yourself)

  1. Many of our choices are directly aligned with our emotions. If one’s emotions are controlled by thier circumstances and not by their character, they will never be able to listen to themself. Great article! Keep up the good work.


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