A little Poll on Learning Styles

So, I have a question to each one of you, as little poll if you like. During my studies, I noticed that each person has its own unique learning style, the way in which we take in information. Yet, knowledge and understanding are different things, and understanding means being able to do it.

Now, my question is: when you learn something new, what do you need to do in order to be able to do? Is it enough for you to read the information, or would you need hands on experience, or maybe something completely different…?


7 thoughts on “A little Poll on Learning Styles

  1. earthking says:

    Good question. I usually read something, then I understand it by relating it to what I already know. And then I synthesize it in my own words. If I am reading for fun, then I stop there. If I am reading/studying for a test, then I write down some notes. But, what is VERY important is that you relate it to what you know and then make it your own by creating your own summary. Knowledge is factual. But understanding is wisdom because it is part of who you are and the way you live and exist. Any questions? Visit my new blog and let me know your thoughts.

  2. I find it depends totally on what kind of thing I’m learning, and how deep I need the understanding to go. I tend to absorb quite wel just by reading and watching. Though If it’s a long something then I may have to go twice to catch everything (I suffer from major mind drift). If I need to memorize something, I read it with a single song looping. I have a great memory for music so i can combine the two together.
    If I want to really entirely understand something strange or complex I simply leave it at the front of my brain for a while. Then push it to that back, then bring it forward again (often by writing about it….blogs for example). Talking about i does the same, but people can get frustrated by the delay I sometimes need before I feel ready to talk about something. I try to listen carefully during conversation, but often my mind is racing ahead and I lose out.
    Anything practical or physical (T’ai Chi for example) I simply need to practice. Repetition and patience.

    If I’m not sure what needs to be learnt. Then I just try to sit back and wonder about the day. There’s normally something in there somewhere.

    Is that of any interest? Ask me more if I’m not clear (I’m often not).

  3. intooblivion says:

    Hey, Phantomias, I love your blog. It’s great.

    I am awaiting an e-mail from you!


  4. Phantomias says:

    Thanks for the answers so far. It’s fascinating to see how different people use different strategies for learning.

    Earthking uses a very digital approach: interlinking with what he already knows (which means in his mind he sorts for things that are similar), and then creating a summary. A very rational approach, if I may say so.

    Alabaster: One question-how do you combine music with what you learn? (I have some ideas, yet I’d like to hear your words on it)

    I asked simply because I am currently working with someone who refuses to learn from written word – he really needs to see what is happening (sometimes, dyslexia is rooted in this….some people are more physical learners, and thus visual input or auditory input alone does not cut it).

  5. It’s only if I need to write something by rote usually. I just repeat it whilst listening to a fairly long instrumental piece (that I enjoy). Then when I need to remember I just run the song in my head and I find it easier to remember the words.
    I don’t really need to do it that often.
    But maybe you could expand it to other things. Talk to the child whilst playing music quietly. If you can try and connect ideas to individual songs then it might help things to sink in.

    Otherwise, it’s just that fact that I almost always have music of some sort going on. I find it livens up my mental state greatly (though obviously, if I start singing along then it becomes a distraction….it’s one of the reasons I like a lot of instrumental music…it engages the emotional side whilst leaving the logical side a bit more free for thinking…possibly. Having said that…i do a lot of thinking about how music works anyway, so I guess that’s always a problem.)

    Perhaps for physical learners it might be possible to create physical puzzles to solve that relate to the questions. I don’t know how that would work though.

    I’ll think more on it.

  6. Phantomias says:

    Thanks for the reply. Indeed, music does aid the mental state. Check out http://www.imusicseries.com
    Additional to that, there is something called binaural beat music, which also changes the state of the person and leads them to a more resourceful state. Works on the premise of brainwaves and is mostly used for relaxation, although there is a lot more potential in it.
    Your might also find some of Gurdjieff’s books interesting, as he mentions music and its effect on the mental state (although written in the 50s, he does not focus on music especially, merely mentions it). I have some articles about music and its connection to the mind, if you want I will dig them up and write something about it…

  7. I’d definitely be interested in anything you have to say on the matter if it doesn’t require too much digging.
    Sounds good.
    I’ll look up some of that stuff. The Binaural beat music sounds interesting. I’ve seen some stuff about using specific soundwave patterns to induce specific brain states (something about emulating alpha brain waves to create a similar state of mind…then with the other brain wave frequencies as well to induce them..I don’t know how effective it is, but I have a friend who enjoys using them to meditate).
    I shall investigate.

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