Daydreaming and planning to fail

Recently I noticed a very strange tendency in us humans. We tend to daydream in great detail and we also tend to rehearse our own failures in our mind. How many times have you had a discussion in your own head about something that has not even happened yet? How many times have you seen yourself fail, without having even started yet? At the same time, we only half – heartedly think about succeeding. And knowing that we do this, how can we actually use this to our own advantage?

Well, the truth is, if you are good at daydreaming and imagining bad stuff, you are great at imagining things. Now this by itself, is a good skill to have, yet unless you give your mind a direction to go in, it will just produce whatever it wants. See, if you do not run your brain, if you do not drive the bus, then the bus drives you. It is as simple as that. Think of your mind as a 6 year old who constantly wants supervision, otherwise you find paint on the ceiling and who knows what else….

In positive thinking they talk about using positive affirmations. For me, personally, that is nice, yet the mere act of telling myself:”I can do this, I can do this, etc.” just isn’t good enough. I need more to be convinced, and maybe you do to. So, since you are good at imagining all this bad stuff, let’s just imagine what it would look like if you succeeded, all that in a very detailed fashion. Also, go ahead and see what it would feel like to have succeeded. Fully get yourself into that state of doing it, being the best, and then, step outside of yourself and see what you look like. Excellent.

Now, while this might sound weird, this gives your brain a direction. Remember, your neurology is always listening, and it will give you what you picture, what you want. So be careful what you ask for, and do ask for the right things, cause you know, the words you use are important as well.

So, go daydream about your success, and if you want to think about failure, do it fleetingly….


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