Choice Theory

Traffic tree of choice

In a field known as Reality Therapy, one of the crucial techniques is called: Choice Theory. In NLP, this same concept is known as Cause and Effect. I am sure, in other therapies it there is a similar concept under a different name. The basic premise is to take responsibility for your mental state and ask yourself how you choose to create it. At this precise point in time, many people will lift up their hand and say,”Hey, I don’t choose my emotions. I just deal with them”. New discoveries in quantum mechanics suggest differently.

It is one of those experiments that turns our logic upside down and tends to bend your brain. We all know that light is both particle and a wave, and reacts, depending on the experiment, in either way. Now in one of those experiment, a photon is sent down a tube, split in two, and recombined at the end. That is similar to a seeing a skier go around a tree, one ski at each side. Picture that for a second.

Now, 30years ago, it was theorized that, depending on the circumstances, light can either recombine at the other end of the tube(behaving thus like a wave) or not (thus behaving like a particle). 5 days ago this experiment was finally completed, and the results were quite more than what the researchers expected.

So, let’s see it then: As before, the light particle was split, and only after the split was it decided (through changing the set up) if it would be rejoined or not. Now, it was initially thought the photon decided to split or not in the first instance. Yet, what was found that only once the photon had split, and the researcher decided to rejoin it at the other end or not did the photon decide how to behave. In a sense the photon accepts the choice of the scientist and makes it reality, long after it has entered the testing apparatus.

So, what does this mean. Simply put, if we can create reality on such a scale as how a particle reacts, based on our choices, how exactly can we not expect to do the same with ourselves. How do we choose to ignore our choice and pretend somebody else is making us feel the way we do? We are reality creating machines, we do it all the time!!

Take responsibility for your emotions, and know that you create them. Things happen, it is our choice how we react to them. Once you regain that choice, possibilities literally become infinite as to how you want to feel about yourself, others and the world at large.

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One thought on “Choice Theory

  1. earthking says:

    Very interesting! I totally agree with you. Some people don’t realize this, but our emotions are controllable to a large extent. And they are controlled by our thoughts. Even though I don’t believe that men or women are a ball of emotions, emotions are very important. Imagine going to a funeral of a loved one and not feel anything. That’s bad news? So, emotions can be used for good, like helping you achieve a goal. USE THEM!!!

    Please visit my blog: I’m starting to write on the topic of truth and relativism.

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