Science vs Spirituality (a Battle of Metaphors)

In the minds of many people spirituality is seen as unscientific, and thus as a load of babble that does not actually mean anything. After all, it cannot be proven scientifically speaking, and thus can only be wrong. No amount of maths, or physics for that matter, can show the concepts proclaimed by spiritual people, so why even bother? I would not say that I am a highly spiritual person, neither particularly religious (organised religion as such is a horrible concept). However, I do believe in certain aspects of spiritual teachings, and at the same time, call myself a man of science. How can that be?

After studying several different scientific methods, as well as several spiritually inclined methods, for change and exploring the power of the mind, I have come to realize that both, spirituality and science, are metaphors. A metaphor is defined as “an indirect comparison between two or more seemingly unrelated subjects”( So science is our metaphor for what we think is really happening, when in actual fact of the matter, we are only interpreting results and speculating anyway.

Furthermore, spirituality is often said to be quite in-congruent within itself, hence it cannot be taken seriously. Well, not to defend this, but let’s look at science. Newtonian physics might work well for explaining the things we can see with the human eye, big objects, stars. Yet, on a quantum level, Newtonian physics are useless, and we enter the domain of quantum physics. These two mindsets, and mathematical rules do not fit with each-other. When combined, they give non sentical predictions. So science within itself is in-congruent!!

Any metaphor has its application, and also its inbuilt boundaries. Yet we try to stretch certain metaphors to explain virtually everything, and thus go beyond their limits. This is true for science and also for spirituality. Each metaphor has its application and use, and as such we should make full use of them. The really intriguing question is what is your own metaphor or that of your friends, co workers, because at the end of the day, all we do is live in our metaphors, and as you know, everything is a metaphor.


5 thoughts on “Science vs Spirituality (a Battle of Metaphors)

  1. Balaji says:

    Well said!

    I think, science and sprituality are about to come together in being able to explain reality. The question weather there is objective reality or it is largely constructs of the mind is the cutting edge of science which has been for sprituality isn’t?

  2. Nick says:

    I can definitely relate to what you’re saying. I think many of us know something not quite tangible is going on with us, the universe and everything. There’s a ridiculous amount we don’t know and most probably will never know about the universe and its workings, accepting that, opens up a shit load of possibilities…

  3. Quentin says:

    moving away from the metaphor concept. I have been looking for eassys on how science and spirituality interact. I think science as a culture (the old boy’s club) likes put a finger on everything. if you get my meaning they like to claim knowlegde about almost all facts of the natural life. the system of gaining phd and masters qualifications mass produces therorys that relate to almost all parts of the western reality.
    Forcing spiritual culture into concept, rationalizing taboo and explaining away owestriking expierences. leaving spirtual expierences void to the educated open mind taking away from the expereince of life its self. if any one knows of any eassy dealing with these isusses. please write their info. p.s. qutaim phyisics are amazing.

  4. Bill Crane says:

    My simple explanation of the difference between science and spirituality (or religion for that matter) is based on the products of their distinct enterprises: science produces facts; spirituality/religion produces experiences. This is a complete difference in kind – not one of cognitive approach. Seeking hard facts about the world and how it works through a spiritual process is an exercise in futility, Seeking personal transformative experience through a scientific process is likewise futile.

  5. DECI BELLS says:

    They are only opposed to each other if a scientist takes it upon himself to try and outdo nature for example (Monsanto).
    If a scientist respects nature then there will not be any conflict- example people who have healed themselves from diseases naturally where the science simply failed and usually does.
    So remember Hard facts CANNOT make you a vegetable.
    That is unless you like your vegetables with added poison.
    I don’t care if you call it god or nature that is a fact that cannot be denied.

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