Decision making strategies

In life there are times when we have to make decisions. Some of these decisions are about every day things, such as what to eat, and sometimes we have to take decisions that will change the course of our lives, professional as well as personal. What to do in those cases? Usually what happens is that people make long lists, logically think it through and come to the best decision based on a rational point of view. Yet, is that enough? Can a logical decision really satisfy our emotional needs?

For me, one of these decisions rolled around before finishing university. I had studied business with a specialization in hospitality. My degree took a total of four and a half years, and getting a job with this degree is quite easy. Yet, six months before the end of my studies I started having certain doubts about my vocation, because there was something else that had started to cook within me.

Rationally, everything within me said:”Get a job after finishing. With your degree, it makes total sense.” However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that some part of me wanted me to go into another direction. Then, one night, I was sitting in front of my laptop and just decided to have some fun and started looking for what I really wanted to do. That night I had already decided what was going to happen, the months after that I just had to realize that. Now, I do what I want, and can actually combine it with what I did before, giving me much more pleasure in life.

Today’s education system tends to focus on a certain part of our body more and more as it goes along. The longer we spend in this system, the more up and to the left of our head it focuses (generally, it is said that rational thought sits in the left hemisphere). We are taught to think about the pros and cons of our decisions, and then come to a logical conclusion.

This model, however good it might be in some situations, does not take into consideration that we have instincts and emotions. Sometimes, the logically best decision is not the best one for us to take. We have to learn to listen to our gut again, we have to learn again to listen to our instincts.

It is said in hypnosis that we problems arise when the conscious and the unconscious mind diverge. Well, in general, the conscious mind is associated with logic and the unconscious is associated with emotions and instinct. Through trance and self hypnosis, we can learn to bring these two minds into one again, we can learn to become one whole again.

Learn to trust yourself and respect the messages you get from your unconscious. Listen to what is going on inside of you when you are making big decisions, and sometimes, it is best to just throw reason overboard and go with the flow. Fulfillment is an emotion, so how can we expect to get there by reason?scale


2 thoughts on “Decision making strategies

  1. simonesu says:

    Too much decision on urs brain will make you confused the way that u want to goes..just fix the way that you have that the decision in our life will not goes wrong 🙂 great blog you have!

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