Confidence tricks

“They can because they think they can.” – Vergil

Surfing through the web you can come across some crazy stuff. Just yesterday I saw a site offering meet ups for anything under the sun in any major city. By itself, this is a great thing. But then, I came across my favorite meet up groups: the shyness group. This is a group of 32 people who say they lack the confidence to meet people…am I the only one, or is this a touch ironic?

Whenever I meet someone who says they have confidence issues, I always have one question for them:”Are you confident about that?” The answer is always the same. A firm and confident “YES!”. So what is confidence? How do we choose not to feel confident, and how can we be confident that that is really how it is?

Confidence is a very personal feeling. Nobody could really describe it, yet we all have it. It is said some people are born with it, and others “struggle” with it. I don’t know who writes this, but for me, it means absolutely nothing. We tell if someone is confidence by body posture, voice tone and some other external attributes. Now here is the crazy part: at the end of the day, even many confident people say they are not confident in themselves. What the…?!

If you want to be really confident in yourself, here is the one trick that will do it: Fake it! Pretend to be confident! Walk with your head up high, and when you talk, pretend that you are the one thing that will make every-ones’ day. Pretend you are the best thing since sliced bread (an invention that took 16 years to develop by the way!!), and people will start believing it. Plus, your brain will start believing it too, and soon you are whatever you want to be!
In our privacy, in the walls of our own home and mind, we all have some insecurities. With a group of people though, sometimes it is better to just pretend to have all the confidence you could ever want in order for you to get what you want. Do it, and tell me how much fun this can be…


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