In any business context, we know how important it is to set goals. These goals will give us the general direction we need to properly conduct our trade. Furthermore, we not only set goals, we also make sure they are set according to certain models. The one most widely used is SMART, which comes from marketing and is applicable virtually anywhere. Yet, for all that we know in business, we decide to mostly ignore that knowledge when it comes to our own lives, and then we are surprised why we don’t get anywhere! What to do?

I think the time has come to allow ourselves to have a proper direction in our lives. Many of the most successful individuals have one trait in common: they have goals for their business and themselves. Now, the SMART model is very good, however, for my personal life, I do prefer another one: PACER. All the goals I set for myself, have to meet certain criteria, as this will increase my chances of actually achieving it!

First, is my goal stated in the positive? (P). We talked about “not wanting X“, and what it leads to. You also want to avoid formulations like “quit, stop, less,…”. Say it the way you want it, not the way you don’t!

Secondly, what is the achievement like? (A). While this might seem like a strange question, ask yourself how will you know that you have achieved it? Will it be something you see, hear or feel? What will be the steps necessary to get there? These questions tackle something known as “reality strategy”, and make sure that once you have your goal, you will know and subsequently feel good.

Thirdly, what context do you want it in? (C) Ask yourself where you want to have X and where you don’t! By being more specific, you are more likely to achieve what you want!

Fourthly, is it ecological to get what you want? (E) While I might think that becoming the ruler of this planet would be a great achievement, it is not really ecological for the rest of the planet. So, ask yourself, is it good for you to get X? Is it good for the world at large?

Lastly, do you have all the resources necessary to do it? (R) As you already know what you need to get to your goal, look at if you have everything you need, and if you don’t, is there someone who might be able to help you?

By taking five minutes to not only set goals for your own life, but also to evaluate them according to this model, your chances of getting where you want to go increase exponentially. However, I wouldn’t want you to be too successful all at once and have a great life along the way…


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