The Man from Earth

Do you know what it is like to stumble across a movie that turns out to be one of the best ones you have ever seen? About two years ago, I was lying around on the couch, when my flatmate put a laptop in front of me and said: “Let’s watch this movie. It sounds interesting…”. Alright. We started, and within 5 minutes I was completely absorbed in this movie. Incredible storytelling, wonderful acting, simple, no special effects. Just a good story that makes you think!

This movie is called “The Man from Earth”, and I cannot recommend it enough. Go out, rent it, find  it, watch it! Although there is so much more to say, at this point, just go watch it!

Watch this movie!

Watch this movie!


One thought on “The Man from Earth

  1. This is a very good movie. I saw it on Netflix a few years ago. A must see.

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