The Pope is Terrifying

A friend sent me this image. Since my sister’s wedding, thoughts about Roman Catholic Symbolism and language in relation to hypnosis have not stopped pouring through my head. For now, let this picture speak for itself.

The Pope


The True Path – A Zen Koan

Just before Ninakawa passed away the Zen master Ikkyu visited him. “Shall I lead you on?” Ikkyu asked.

Ninakawa replied: “I came here alone and I go alone. What help could you be to me?”

Ikkyu answered: “If you think you really come and go, that is your delusion. Let me show you the path on which there is no coming and no going.”

With his words, Ikkyu had revealed the path so clearly that Ninakawa smilled and passed away.

Thinker Award

In the world of blogging, or the “blogosphere”, many things happen. One of the most recent events is that I have been tagged with the “thinking award” by kenzielee. It seems, apart from solely basking in glory, this award comes with strings attached to it. Following the rules that have been put down in stone by the powers that are and always will be:

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